Do you desire a space to explore the mystery of your dreamscapes?

Join Brie Wollman and Sara Vatore for a 6 month experience/portal/journey devoted to exploring our dreamscapes and weaving the wisdom whispered into our waking lives.

Each one of us is a Dreamer,  primed with the potential to access the Mystical & Unknown Realms each night while we sleep. 

Our bodies are powerful portals webbed within multiple dimensions, each gifted with the lexicon of Dreams as Oracles that can inspire us.

In this container we activate our Dreamers’  alchemical inner eyes, ears, and senses attuning to the mother-tongue of our dreams. 

Here we develop and deepen our comprehension and collaboration with the visions and visceral echos that resonate from the mystical dimensions of dreaming.

The directions we take from this guidance are as infinite as the strange happenings and possibilities presented to us in our dream-stories.  Anything is possible!

This experience is for the dream curious, seasoned dreamers and everyone in-between!

Program Inclusions

  • 1 Monthly 2 Hour Virtual Group Dream Practice Development Session with Brie and Sara (6 Sessions total)

  • 2 Virtual Group Alchemical Dream Circles over the 6 months (2 Hours Each) to explore individual dreams through a collective lens

  • Community Online Sharing Space in Thinkific for exploring all the dimensions of dreaming

  • Prompts, Invitations, and Explorations over the 6 months to deepen your relationship with your dreamscapes

  • A Discount on 1-1 Dream-Weaving Sessions with Brie and Sara and on Briething Botanica Well of Wonder Ritual Herbals during the Program Incubation

  • Collective Dreaming In-Person 3 Night Retreat in October with Brie and Sara (optional, but highly recommended!)

Dream Alchemists are invited to...

  • Curiously cultivate intimacy with their unique dreamspaces.

  • Nurture a reverent relationship with the great and Numinous Nature both beyond and within us.

  • Discern the oracular symbols/codes presented in dreams and explore their meaning(s).

  • Muse messages, symbols, characters, settings, and synchronicities from dreams into art, touchstones, and personalized guidance.

  • Co-dream with the Dreamspace/DreamWeaver/Wise Self for birthing new genius into the world.

  • Tap the many dimensions of Self/Psyche and the infinite possibilities to which we always have access. 

  • Remember, reclaim, reintegrate and re-home aspects of our human wholeness abandoned in the Shadow Psyche and the collective Shadow for profound healing/integrity of Being. 

  • Revive our sense of belonging to each other, this world/planet/galaxy/cosmos/divinity- all life including death, through dream witnessing, sharing and mirroring.

  • Nurture and receive validation around one’s intuitive/psychic gifts and sensory-knowing power.

  • Remember our intuitive and sensory information is valid, as well as what comes from the mystically-hard-to-define/magickal.

  • Enhance confidence and sense of self worth through the nurturing nourishment of dreams.

  • Discover not previously known before benefits of devotion to dreams.

Along with your Dreams, you can expect we'll explore:

  • Defining YOUR UNIQUE intentions and desired outcomes for your OWN sacred sleep and dreaming practices, while also opening to being surprised, confused, bemused, and receiving more/alternate wisdom than you could have imagined.

  • Exposure to, potentially trying on, and discerning which dreamwork practices feel serving and sustainable to you in the digestible increments that honor kindness to your body, psyche, and lifestyle. 

  • The sleep/parasympathetic nervous system state, how we can cultivate RICH and generative physical and energetic sleep spaces, including nourishing the parasympathetic nervous system and preparing the body for rest/sleep/rejuvenation and dreaming. 

  • Custom designing your own physical dream-spaces, altars, & rituals for descending into sleep and dreaming.

  • Setting containers/sacred space and casting protections/energetic boundaries for the physical body and psyche while sleeping/dreaming and for ritualistic dream-weaving.

  • Allies such as Plants, Crystals, Oracle Cards, Sigils, Altars and Guides/Ancestors/Angels/Animals to facilitate safe and vivid dream experiences, and for work with specific intentions/incubations.

  • Empowering your voice and working with written and spoken invocations, activations, and intentional incubations over an extended period of time in relationship to your dream-space, Dream Weaver, and Guides.

  • Develop a relationship with your unique Dream Weaver & Dream Experiences.

  • Practices for growing your capacity to work with the in-between: falling asleep and waking up states of being, capture dream details, and recall dream-stories.

  • Building a dream journaling practice that excites you, meets your lifestyle needs, and serves your intentions for your dream-space relationships.

  • Dream Enrichment Explorations such as…
    • Free association with dream details and retellings.
    • Naming your dreams and distilling dream themes/dream oracles.
    • Analysis of dream characters and settings as aspects of self. 
    • Revisiting Dreams for lucid exploration, alternate perspectives, conversations, and more.
    • Embodied Dream Detail Exploration/Inviting dreams into the energy centers and sensations of the body, plus posture work for enhancing dreaming and dream recall.
    • Pathworking and Psychic practices for furthering magick within Dreams and encountering the Dream Weaver.
    • Reworking Dreams, Working Dreams Forward, and soliciting support from the Dream Weaver, Ancestros, Guides, etc.
    • Revisiting dream symbols/characters/environments as Oracles to capture their specific messages and craft personalized Dream Oracle Card Decks or Altars/Art.
    • Attuning to synchronicities arriving in Dreams and waking world ways and weaving them into art, altars, sacred work and/or avenues for income.
    • Gathering and holding the tension of questions/missing pieces/negative space/what’s not known within dream-stories, and inviting the dream-portals to draw answers/non-answers to you.
    • Researching the lexicon of Mythos for more insight and guidance around repetitive dream. themes/symbols/characters, etc.
    • Working with dream details that feel bigger/beyond you.

  • Group Dream Sharing to witness synchronicities, personal and collective themes, and experience a deeper sense of unity and belonging.

  • Develop a wider lens for relating with ourselves and others, unearthing treasures in the Shadow Psyche and Collective Shadow, redirecting our practices of projection into self awareness and to resource the roles we play within the collective/in service to the collective/evolution.

  • Daydreaming, Activating Lucid Dreaming, holding the possibility of and potentially playing with alternate realities. 

  • Safeguarding against and relating to nightmares/ disturbing dreams, inviting resources from the dream-world and nourishing your nervous system in recovery and preparing again for sleep.

  • Preparing for Winter, the Dark Night of the Year, to make the most of Divinatory/Oracular/Prophetic/Premonitory Dreaming and how to hold the tension of the unknown, especially during extended periods of void/darkness/transition/transformation when clarity and a sense of ground might be the hardest to claim

Dates of Gatherings

All meetings will take place over zoom from 7:00pm-9:00pm EST. Each session will be recorded if you are not able to attend live.

  • April 13
  • May 11
  • June 1st: Dreaming Circle
  • June 15th
  • July 13
  • August 10th
  • August 31st: Dreaming Circle
  • September 14th 
  • October 6-9th: In-Person Collective Dreaming Retreat

Collective Dreaming Retreat

Join Brie and Sara for in-person collective dreaming group experience to integrate and amplify the medicine of the 6 month journey.

Details and Inclusions:

  • Arrival Friday October 6th 2023 4pm-6pm
  • Departure Monday October 9th 11am
  • Location on the East Coast (Maine/NH/MA) to be announced
  • Group ritual, dreaming circles, movement, MELT Method experiences facilitated by Brie and Sara throughout the weekend
  • Enhance our 6 month dream journey with in-person connection, collective dreaming exploration and enrichment, and ways to weave the threads beyond the portal-program
  • Spaciousness to be in nature and in integration 
  • Breakfast and light snacks

Exchange Options

There are 4 options for payment. You can purchase the journey plus the in-person retreat and pay-in-full OR pay monthly for 6 months. You can also purchase the journey a-la-carte and pay-in-full OR pay monthly for 6 months.

About Your Guides

Brie Wollman

Intimate with the dark, Brie Wollman embodies the stability and elderhood of the stars who shine in the deepest hours of night. Her art is to invite you to find similar touchstones of endurance at the wild void within your own core.

As Psychopomp, she escorts the Soul to merge with the Mysteries, to necromance nourishment within the wells of our life’s many deaths, from Source, from our own body-wells, the stars, our desires, and to swim in the alchemical-liminal marshlands that flow out in infinite directions from the fountainhead that animates us all.

As a WHOLEistic Witch-Weaver, she integrates, inviting us to move with and thread the magick and meaning that marks us in multidimensional modes so that we might continually unfold against the world into our infinite potentials, rebirthing endless iterations of our personal evolutions, and thereby facilitating collective evolution into a mature set of whole humans and robust cultures bound together by the sweet synergy of a wild world, welcoming us home.

Sara Vatore

Sara is a Multidimensional Guide and Divine Activatrix, here as a mirror to help people orient back to their own innate wisdom, access their magick, and viscerally sense their infinite potential inside.

Through her own journey of connecting to her body, desires, unique cycles and rhythms, emotions, spirit, receiving her gifts, passion for movement and dance, studying and learning, experiencing different healing modalities and connecting with her own spiritual practices and ancestry, she was able to invite in the healing, regulation and integration needed to tap into and amplify her magick.

She has been working with dreams for the last 6 years, but in 2021-2022 passionately committed and devoted to expanding her personal dreaming rituals and practices. For Sara Dreamwork is an ancestral calling that resonates deep within her bones and blood. She is a Realm Bridger, Jewish Witch, Oracle, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Intuitive Channel, Healer, Body Worker, Podcast Host, Author, Peak Performance Coach, Mentor, Energy Alchemist, Mother, Wife, Sibling, Daughter, Friend, Ancestor, Essence/Energy/Being, and so much more.

Through coaching, healing and mentorship Sara holds space for your BODY and BEING to dearmor, unwind, repattern, reprogram, open up into possibility and activate and amplify your gifts and potentials. She works 1-1, with couples and in group containers creating spaces for healing, integration and expansion to cultivate wellness, vitality, thriving and wholeness across all layers of being.

Let Sara light up your channel and support you to stand in your whole multidimensional expression.